10 Best Sumatra Coffee Brands You Need to Try (2024)

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Looking for the best Sumatra coffee brands of 2024? I’ve got you covered! I’ve tried and tested countless varieties and narrowed them down to my top picks. So put on your sweatpants and grab a glass of Rosé and get ready to explore the best Sumatran coffee beans.

Best Sumatran Coffee
Popular Sumatran coffee

My Top Picks

  • Best Tasting: Volcanica, Sumatra Gayo – $24.99
  • Cheapest: 1st in Coffee, Sumatra Mandheling – $11.99
  • Best Value: Peet’s Coffee, Aged Sumatra – $19.95

Sumatra Beans Buying Guide

This guide helps you pick the best coffee beans for your taste buds from three regions in Sumatra. Each region has a unique flavor. Whether you like strong, fruity, or spicy coffee, Sumatra has it all!

1. Sumatra Mandheling

Are you a fan of dark roast coffee? Then Mandheling is a must-try! With its rich, full-bodied flavor featuring notes of chocolate and brown sugar, this coffee is a dark-roast lover’s dream.

Mandheling Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes:

  • Dark roast, full-bodied, and smooth
  • Hints of cocoa, brown sugar, & earthiness
Sumatra Mandheling Tasting Notes

But here’s the best part: Sumatra Mandheling offers the perfect balance of flavor. It’s bold and full-bodied yet doesn’t have a hint of bitterness.

Fun fact: The name “Mandheling” comes from the Mandailing people3, who produce coffee in the Tapanuli and Aceh regions of Sumatra.

So not only will you be indulging in a delicious cup of coffee, but you’ll also be experiencing a bit of cultural history.

2. Sumatra Gayo

This exquisite coffee is grown in the lush Aceh province of North Sumatra and boasts a medium body with a mild acidity that won’t overpower your palate.

Gayo Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes:

  • Medium/Dark roast, medium-bodied, & mild acidity
  • Hints of fruit, herbs, and earthiness
Sumatra Gayo Tasting Notes

Sumatra Gayo coffee is renowned for its smooth and slightly sweet flavor, with hints of fruit and herbs that add an extra layer of deliciousness to every sip.

3. Sumatra Lintong

Lintong coffee is grown in the District of Lintong Nihuta4 and is known for its medium to full body and bright acidity.

Lintong Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes:

  • Medium roast, complex & bright
  • Hints of dark chocolate, tobacco, & spice
Sumatra Lintong Tasting Notes

But what makes Lintong really special is its amazing taste. It has hints of dark chocolate, tobacco, and spice that come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

MandhelingFull-body, earthy, low acidityRich, full-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate and brown sugar. Smooth with a nice aftertaste.
GayoMedium body, fruity, light aciditySmooth and slightly sweet flavor with subtle notes of fruit and herbs.
LintongMedium body, spicy, bright acidityComplex flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate, tobacco, and spice.
Sumatra Varieties Compared

10 Best Sumatra Coffee Brands of 2024

Okay, let’s get into the reason why you’re here. You want to know which Sumatran coffee is the best value for your money. I’ve got you covered!

Here are my top picks for Sumatran coffee, in no particular order.

BrandNameRoast LevelPrice
1.1st in CoffeeSumatra Mandheling Bag 1Sumatra MandhelingDark$11.99
2.Cooper’s Cask CoffeeCoopers Cask Sumatra Coffee Best Sumatra CoffeesSumatra
Dark Roast
3.Fresh Roasted Coffee Co.Fresh Roasted Coffee Company Sumatra Best Sumatra CoffeeOrganic SumatraMedium$14.95
4.VolcanicaVolcanica Sumatra Best Sumatra CoffeeSumatra
5.Peet’s CoffeePeets Coffee Aged SumatraAged
6.Coffee Bean & Tea LeafCoffee Bean Tea Leaf Sumatra Mandheling Top 10 Best Sumatrac CoffeeSumatra MandhelingDark$17.95
7.Starbucks CoffeeStarbucks Sumatra Best Sumatra CoffeeSumatra
Dark Roast
8.Kirkland Signature (Costco)Kirkland Signature Sumatra Coffee Best Sumatra CoffeeSumatran Whole Bean
6 lbs.
9.BeanBoxBeanbox Breakaway Blend Top 10 Sumatra Coffee BeansBreakaway BlendDark$20
10.Trader Joe’sTrader Joe'S Organic Sumatra Coffee Best Sumatrac CoffeeFair Trade Organic SumatraMedium/Dark$21
Best Sumatra Coffee Beans Top 10 List Comparison Table

Sumatra Mandheling Bag 1

1. 1st in Coffee Sumatra Mandheling: $11.99

Tasting Notes: Hints of cocoa, earthiness
Roast: Dark
Variety: Mandheling

Ready to experience the ultimate Sumatra coffee? Look no further than 1st in Coffee’s Grade 1 Sumatra Mandheling.

With its earthy, low-acid flavor profile and smooth finish, this coffee is a true gem. Sourced from the mountains of Northern Sumatra and roasted fresh weekly for top quality, these 100% Arabica beans are a must-try.

At only $11.99 for a 12oz bag, it’s also the cheapest option on my list. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

Order here.

Coopers Cask Sumatra Coffee Best Sumatra Coffees

2. Cooper’s Cask Sumatra Dark Roast: $17.95

Tasting Notes: Woody, Chocolate, Cherry, Tobacco
Roast: Dark
Variety: Lintong

Cooper’s Cask Sumatra Dark Roast is a standout option that packs a punch with its bold and full-bodied flavor profile.

These beans are the real deal – organic and grade-1, wet processed to create a rustic sweetness with notes of woody cedar, dark chocolate, and just a hint of dark stone fruits and raw tobacco.

Overall, if you’re looking for a dark-roast Sumatra coffee, Cooper’s Cask Coffee is definitely worth a try.

Order here.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Company Sumatra Best Sumatra Coffee 2

3. Fresh Roasted Coffee Co. Sumatra: $14.95

Tasting Notes: Vegetal, Pepper, Chocolate
Roast: Medium
Variety: Lintong

Looking for a coffee that not only tastes great but also supports a good cause? Look no further than Fresh Roasted Coffee Company’s Organic Sumatra.

This medium roast boasts a unique flavor profile that combines earthy, peppery, and chocolatey notes for a truly delicious cup.

And it’s not just a great coffee – it’s also Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified, with premiums that fund local health and education programs.

While the vegetal notes may be strong for some, those who love bold and complex coffee will find this one a true winner.

Order here.

Volcanica Sumatra Coffee Gayo

4. Volcanica Sumatra Gayo: $24.99

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Peach, Wisteria
Roast: Medium
Variety: Gayo

Volcanica’s Sumatra Coffee Gayo is one of the best coffees out there, according to the international coffee community. And it’s no wonder why.

This coffee has a sweet, clean, and earthy taste with notes of caramel, peach, wisteria, cacao nib, and fresh-fallen leaves.

And the cherry on top? These beans are certified kosher and are shade grown without the use of chemicals.

So, if you want to taste the real deal and support small farmers while you’re at it, give Volcanica’s Sumatra Gayo a try.

Order here or buy in-store.

Peets Coffee Aged Sumatra 1

5. Peet’s Coffee Aged Sumatra: $19.95

Tasting Notes: Dried Fruit, Tropical Wood, Warm Spice
Roast: On the darker side of medium
Variety: Mandheling

Peet’s Aged Sumatra coffee is on another level – complex and rich flavors that’ll blow your mind.

The beans are aged in a tropical climate, deepening the flavors into a unique taste that’s unforgettable.

It’s got a uniquely bold body and rich aroma that is only attainable via the aging process.

You can get Peet’s Aged Sumatra online, at grocery stores, or in Peet’s Coffee cafes. If you’re looking for your new favorite Sumatran coffee, Peet’s Aged Sumatra is the way to go.

Order here or buy in-store.

The Coffee Bean &Amp; Tea Leaf Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Bag

6. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sumatra Mandheling: $17.95

Tasting Notes: Dried Fruit, Tropical Wood, Warm Spice
Roast: Medium/Dark
Variety: Mandheling

If you’re looking for a coffee with a bold flavor and unique character, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Sumatra Mandheling is the perfect pick.

This single-origin coffee from West-central Sumatra boasts a semi-washed process that gives it a fruitier taste and heavier body.

This makes it a great complement to fresh cherries, pecans, chocolate, and carrot cake.

It’s definitely worth trying if you’re into bold and full-flavored coffee.

Order here, in grocery stores, or in-cafe.

Starbucks Sumatra Best Sumatra Coffee

7. Starbucks Dark Roast Sumatra: $17.89

Tasting Notes: Rich herbs, rustic spice
Roast: Dark

Starbucks’ Sumatra Dark Roast is an OG in the world of Sumatran coffee, and for many of us, it was our first introduction to the world of dark roasts.

The unique blend of full-bodied flavors, herbal notes, and a spicy kick make for a truly memorable coffee.

Did I mention that it has low acidity and a super-smooth mouthfeel? (never underestimate mouth feel).

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee addict or a newbie, Starbucks’ Sumatra Dark Roast is a must-try. You can find it at Starbucks cafes, on Amazon, and in every grocery store on Earth.

Order here, on Amazon.

Beanbox Breakaway Blend Top 10 Sumatra Coffee Beans

8. BeanBox Breakaway Blend: $20

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, nutty
Roast: Dark

Looking for a Sumatran coffee blend that will blow your mind? Look no further than BeanBox’s Breakaway Blend #19.

Yes, this one’s a blend, but I had to include it cuz it’s that good.

This blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans is a match made in coffee heaven – the result is a complex flavor profile that’s both nutty and chocolatey.

It’s got a dark and roasty taste which is perfect if you like your coffee bold and strong. Plus, the aroma is sweet and buttery, making it, IMHO, worth every penny of its $20 price tag.

Order here.

Kirkland Signature Sumatra Coffee Best Sumatra Coffee 1

9. Kirkland Signature (Costco) Sumatran: $44.99 (6 lbs.)

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, nutty
Roast: Dark

The Kirkland Signature (Costco-brand) Sumatran Whole Bean Coffee is a great option if you want to get a big bang for your buck.

This 2-pack of 3lb bags provides a total of 6 lbs of Sumatran Coffee. Making this ideal for all the doomsday preppers out there.

The beans themselves are top-quality – 100% Arabica and Kosher certified. The dark roast brings out a bold, robust flavor that’s complemented by natural oils.

Order here or buy in-store.

Trader Joe'S Organic Sumatra Coffee Best Sumatrac Coffee

10. Trader Joe’s Organic Sumatra: $21.10

Tasting Notes: Dried fruits & molasses
Roast: Medium-Dark

Last but not least is Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Coffee. This coffee is a medium-dark roast that offers hints of dried fruit and molasses.

This coffee is Fair Trade certified, which means that it supports small farmers and ensures they receive fair prices.

It’s easily available at Trader Joe’s or online. If you’re looking for a tasty and ethically-sourced coffee, give this one a try!

Get on Amazon or buy in-store.

What’s the best way to brew Sumatra Coffee?

Sumatra coffee is known for its bold flavors and unique earthy notes, making it a favorite among coffee drinkers who prefer darker roasts.

To brew the perfect cup of Sumatra coffee, a French press is highly recommended. The French press allows for full immersion of the coffee grounds, resulting in a rich and robust cup.

A French Press, Coffee Mug, And Book Sitting On A Coffee Table.
Use a french press to brew Sumatran coffee

When choosing Sumatra coffee, opt for beans that are medium to dark roasted to bring out the flavors.

Indonesian coffee is best brewed using a coarse grind and steeped in hot water for about 4 minutes before being pressed.

Be sure to use hot water, but not boiling, to avoid burning the beans and creating a bitter taste.

Protip: I use a Bodom French press, and it’s never let me down. You can buy one here, on Amazon.

What is Sumatran Coffee?

The Dutch East India Company was the main reason5 why the world market was introduced to coffee.

Today, coffee roasters around the world continue to search for the best beans, and Sumatran coffee is a popular choice due to its unique and spicy flavor.

To bring out the best in Sumatran beans, roast quality is crucial. Some coffee lovers prefer a lighter roast to highlight the coffee’s full-bodied flavor, while others enjoy a heavier body with a darker roast.

Dark Roast Sumatran Coffee Beans

The drying process of the coffee cherry also plays a significant role in the overall taste of the coffee.

Farmers on the Indonesian island of Sumatra take great care in ensuring that the cherries are properly dried before being processed. Wet-hulled coffee is a popular method that these farmers use to produce that trademark earthy flavor profile.

And when it comes to finding the best Sumatran coffee, the moisture content is essential. Beans grown at high elevations, like those found on Sumatra’s largest island, produce a rich flavor that is hard to find anywhere else.

Lake Toba In Northern Sumatra
Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra | Photo by Irfannur Diah on Unsplash

To fully experience the exotic flavors of Sumatran coffee, it’s best to grind the beans fresh before brewing a cup of coffee.

Arabica coffee beans are widely grown on the island of Sumatra, and they offer a unique and spicy flavor that coffee lovers can’t resist.

TBH, “regular” coffee can’t compare to the depth of flavor that the best Sumatran coffees offer.

If you’re looking for a cup of coffee that stands out from the rest, give Sumatra coffee beans a try.

Why do people love Sumatran Coffee?

What makes Sumatran coffee so special? Well, there are 4 main reasons why coffee lovers around the world can’t get enough of this roast.

1. Low Acidity

Sumatran coffee is probably the most popular because of its low acidity levels6.

This makes it perfect for people who like smooth coffees or for those with sensitive stomachs.

2. Growing Conditions

Sumatra coffee beans are also loaded with flavor. The beans are grown on the nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island.

The humid climate and nutrient-rich volcanic soil provide the perfect environment for coffee plants to thrive and develop their own unique flavor profile.

Volcano-Rich Soil For Growing Coffee
Volcano-rich soil for growing coffee

3. Processing Method

Another thing that gives Sumatran coffee its distinct mellow flavor is the traditional processing method used to prepare the beans.

The coffee cherries are processed using the wet hulling process. 7.

This process removes the outer layer of the bean before it’s dried, resulting in a smooth and less bitter coffee with a rich, earthy aroma.

4. Flavor Varieties

Sumatra boasts a rich coffee culture featuring three distinct types of coffee – each with its own unique flavor profile. Here are the 3 main varieties:

  1. Sumatra Mandheling – Full-bodied, earthy, low acidity
  2. Sumatra Gayo – Medium-bodied, fruity, light acidity
  3. Sumatra Lintong – Medium to full-bodied, tobacco-ish, bright acidity


What are the best Sumatra coffee k cups?

Medium 065Cbaf4 54A1 4Bde Ae10 Fba80453D017 700X700

The best Sumatra coffee k cups are hands-down the Sumatra Mandheling medium roast k cups from the Fresh Roasted Coffee Company. You can buy them on Amazon.

What’s the best decaf Sumatra coffee?

Volcanica Sumatra Coffee

One of the best Sumatran decaf coffees is undoubtedly Sumatra Mandheling Decaf Dark Roast Reserve by Volcanica Coffee. It has a perfect 5/5 star rating and is dark, smoky, and low in acidity.

What is wet hulling?

Wet hulling is a processing method where the coffee cherries are partially dried and then hulled while still wet8. This method gives Sumatra coffee its distinctive flavor profile.

Who makes Kirkland Sumatra Coffee?

Costco Sumatra

Costco Organic Sumatra coffee is primarily sourced from Kopsen PKG in Central Aceh, Takengon9. The coop was formed in 2016 by 345 farmers from four neighboring villages who began growing coffee in 2012.

Is Sumatra Coffee Good For Espresso?

Yes, Sumatra coffee is a great choice for espresso. It has a full-bodied flavor with low acidity, making it perfect for a strong and rich espresso shot. Its earthy and chocolatey notes also complement milk-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

How would you describe the typical tasting notes of Sumatra coffee?

Common tasting notes include earthy tones with hints of chocolate, caramel, and spices. Some Sumatran coffees have a slightly fruity or herbal taste, while others have a smoky or nutty flavor. Overall, Sumatra coffee is often described as full-bodied with low acidity.

Sumatra vs Colombian coffee: Differences?

Sumatra coffee is known for its full body, low acidity, and earthy flavor, while Colombian coffee is known for its mild flavor and high acidity. Sumatra coffee has hints of chocolate and brown sugar, while Colombian coffee is typically fruity and nutty.

Sumatra vs French Roast coffee: Differences?

Sumatra and French Roast coffee differ in several ways. French Roast is a type of coffee roast, while Sumatra refers to the region where the coffee is grown. French Roast is known for its smoky and bold taste, while Sumatran coffee has a distinct earthy and full-bodied flavor.

Sumatra vs Kona coffee: Differences?

Kona coffee is grown exclusively in Hawaii, giving it a unique flavor profile. It’s known for its smooth, mellow taste with notes of chocolate and nuts. Compared to Sumatra coffee, Kona is less bold and earthy, with a lighter body and acidity.

The End

Thanks for reading through my top 10 list of Sumatran coffee beans! Before we wrap up, I’d like to mention my personal favorite – Volcanica Sumatra.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

If you’d like to learn more about how I started my food blogging journey, take a look at this post where I review RankIQ, the blogging tool that changed the game for me forever.


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