The Wait is Over: Spirit Animal Coffee Espresso Blend is Now Available

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Spirit Animal Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster, has announced the launch of their first-ever medium-to-dark roast Espresso Blend.

We are excited to expand our product line with the introduction of our new Espresso Blend. We believe that our customers will love the rich and bold taste of this blend, which is made with high-quality beans sourced from Honduras.” Paul Gromek, CEO & Co-Founder of Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Espresso Roat is available for $29 and can be bought as a one-time purchase or via subscription, which will save you 20%.

This latest offering by the company has been designed to cater to the preferences of coffee lovers who prefer a stronger and bolder taste.

The Spirit Animal Coffee Espresso Blend is made from two different beans sourced from Honduras, Finca Montecillos and Finca Cerro Azul. These beans are grown at elevations of 1,500 meters, which is considered ideal for growing high-quality Arabica coffee beans.

Spirit Animal Coffee Espresso Roast 2
Spirit Animal Coffee’s first ever Espresso Blend

The Espresso Blend has already received a cup score of 87.0/100 from the Specialty Coffee Association, indicating its exceptional quality.

According to the tasting notes, the blend has a perfect balance of flavors, including citrus, honey, sweet fruit, floral, and peach.

The micro-lot for this blend is limited to 388, which makes it even more special. You have the option to purchase the Espresso Blend as an a la carte item or a subscription.

The Espresso Blend is meant to be brewed using espresso or moka pot methods, providing coffee lovers with the perfect cup of strong and flavorful coffee in the morning.

I haven’t personally tried the Espresso Blend, but I have reviewed the Bourbon roast from Spirit Animal Coffee and found it to be lovely.

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Spirit Animal Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that focuses on providing high-quality coffee using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Their beans are sourced from micro-lots in Honduras, and only the top 1% of beans are selected for roasting.

With a commitment to providing the best coffee experience, Spirit Animal Coffee is quickly becoming a favorite among coffee lovers worldwide.

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