Pour-Over Coffee Trends: Is it Still a Thing? (2024 Stats)

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Pour-over coffee, known for its detailed brewing process and flavor enhancement, faces competition in today’s diverse brewing landscape. Personally, I prefer the convenience of my Hamilton Beach drip coffee maker or a quick double espresso shot from my Breville Pro. It’s been a while since pour-over crossed my mind, prompting me to explore others’ opinions on a Reddit r/Coffee thread.

A Pour Over Kettle And A Chemex

Quick Overview of Pour Over Coffee

The pour-over method is a manual way of making coffee where hot water is poured over coffee grounds. This process allows the water to extract the flavors from the coffee as it filters through and drips into a cup or carafe. You can control every aspect of this process, from the water temperature to the pouring technique, which makes it both an art and a science.

Key Takeaways From The Thread

Here’s a summary of the most interesting findings:

  • About 26% of people said pour-over coffee takes too long.
  • For those making coffee, it’s not just about brewing time but also getting the same quality every time.
  • Around 16% of folks worried about getting a consistent and good-quality pour-over coffee.
  • Some even said other ways of making coffee might give more consistent outcomes.
  • For those who own coffee shops, serving pour-over coffee isn’t just about taste; it’s about making money.
  • Nearly 20% talked about the money challenges, saying that the longer brew time can hit profits.
  • Almost 30% of people said they like making pour-over coffee at home.

1. Time & Pour-Over: A Delicate Balance

A substantial 25.81% of respondents highlighted the time-consuming nature of pour-over coffee. In our busy lives, waiting for a cup of coffee might not always be feasible, especially during peak hours at cafes.

For baristas, the time taken isn’t just about brewing; it’s also about ensuring consistency and quality in every cup. This dedication is what sets apart a mediocre cup from an exceptional one.

Time Pourover Pie

2. Quality & Consistency: The Two Pillars

Around 16.13% of users voiced concerns regarding the consistency and quality of pour-over coffee. The manual aspect, while allowing customization, can introduce variability.

Some users compared pour-over to other brewing methods, hinting that alternatives might sometimes offer more consistent results, especially during high-volume periods in cafes.

Quality Consistency Pie

3. The Business of Coffee

For coffee shop owners, offering pour-over isn’t just about the brew; it’s also about the bottom line. With 19.35% of users discussing economic challenges, it’s clear that the longer preparation time can impact profitability.

Coffee shops thrive on volume. However, pour-over, being a premium offering, might cater to a niche audience willing to wait and pay a premium for quality.

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4. Home Brewed Perfection

A significant 29.03% of respondents expressed their preference for brewing pour-over at home. The tranquility and control over the brewing process make it a meditative experience for many.

Several users mentioned the personal touch they can add when brewing at home, making each cup unique and tailored to their preference.

Home Brewed Pie

While a niche perspective for now, could interactive coffee sessions be the future? A space where patrons are the brewers, guided by experts, crafting their perfect cup.

Sentiment Analysis: Listening to the Voices

  • The Positives: A whopping 48.39% exude love for pour-over.
  • Constructive Critiques: A minor 6.45% had reservations or concerns.
  • The Observers: With 45.16%, a significant portion took a neutral stance, adding depth to the discussion.
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Choosing the Pour-Over Method? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’re on the pour-over train, you’re not alone. Tons of coffee lovers cherish the classic technique of delicately pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter. Remember though, for the best flavor experience, it’s recommended to grind your coffee beans just before the pour over.

While using pre-ground coffee offers convenience, it may compromise on freshness. Some experts think (rightfully so) that coffee begins to lose its freshness just 30 minutes post-grinding.

Some companies, like Pure Over, are fully committed to the pour-over method and even create beautiful custom pour-over β€œtowers”.

Pure Over Pour Over Kit Diagram Showing What Comes In It.
Pure Over’s Brew Kit XL+ is $119

Beans I Recommend for Pour Over Coffee

For an exemplary pour-over experience, beans play a pivotal role. We recommend the Spirit Animal Bourbon Blend for a harmonious blend of flavors. For those seeking intensity, the Spirit Animal Coffee Espresso roast is unmissable.


Pour-over coffee, with its intricate brewing process, continues to be a beacon for quality and flavor in the vast world of coffee. While challenges exist, the essence and allure of pour-over remain undeterred, resonating with many across the globe.

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