Publishing Principles of The Golden Lamb

The Golden Lamb’s mission is to provide readers with accurate and trustworthy information related to coffee. All content is written by me, Kelsey, a coffee expert with 20 years of barista experience, and sometimes with the assistance of AI. The following publishing principles guide my content creation and business practices.

Publishing Principles


  • Honesty: All information is presented fairly, without exaggeration or misinformation.
  • Transparency: Sources of information are openly cited, and conflicts of interest are disclosed.
  • Respect: Respect for readers, subjects, and the coffee community is paramount.

Affiliate Disclosure

  • Transparency: Any affiliate links will be clearly disclosed.
  • Independence: Reviews and recommendations are independent of affiliate relationships.
  • Compliance: All affiliate marketing conforms to legal regulations.

Monetization and Ad Network

  • Ad Network: Revenue is generated through ad placements, with clear distinctions between editorial content and advertising.
  • Sponsored Content: Any sponsored content will be clearly labeled.
  • Reader Trust: Monetization methods are chosen with readers’ trust and experience in mind.

Content Integrity

  • Accuracy: Content is thoroughly researched, using Kelsey’s extensive knowledge and reputable sources.
  • Updates: Content is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Privacy and User Data

  • Protection: User data is protected and never sold to third parties.
  • Consent: Any data collection is conducted with user consent and in compliance with applicable laws.


The Golden Lamb upholds these principles to provide readers with reliable and unbiased information about coffee.