Kaldi Coffee Expands into Tea with Rwanda Sorwathe Gardens Blend

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Kaldi Coffee has added a new item to its repertoire with the introduction of the Rwanda Sorwathe Gardens tea, a black tea blend. The new product underscores Kaldi Coffee’s ties with Rwandan tea and coffee producers, as the company takes a step to diversify its beverage offerings.

Kaldi Coffee Rwanda Sorwathe Gardens Blend Tea

The Rwanda Sorwathe Gardens tea, noted for its plum and creamsicle tasting notes, is a collaborative effort with Firepot Tea. This venture is reflective of Kaldi Coffee’s engagement with Rwandan communities, where it has established relationships that go beyond business, providing support for local growers and producers.

The tea is now available at Kaldi Coffee outlets, alongside the company’s traditional coffee offerings. Kaldi Coffee’s expansion into the tea market is a move to cater to a broader audience, providing customers with a taste of Rwandan tea’s rich flavors.

On a personal note, the Kaldi’s in the Delmar Loop on Skinker in St. Louis holds a special place in my routine. It’s here, amid the bustle of the Loop, where my friend Marc and I settle into a rhythm of reflection and conversation over cups of coffeeβ€”soon to be tea, perhapsβ€”every Wednesday morning. Our Bible study sessions are a cornerstone of the week, and with the introduction of the new Rwanda Sorwathe Gardens tea, there’s a fresh topic for contemplation on the table.


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