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Hello! Here is a shortlist of all the kitchen tools and equipment I turn to when creating my recipes. You may already have most of these on hand. If not, I suggest adding them to your arsenal when you can afford them, as they will make life not only easier for you in the kitchen but also more exciting. The immersion hand blender alone will broaden your horizons by leaps and bounds.


Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

It goes without saying that the Instant Pot is a staple in most kitchens nowadays. I mainly use it to quickly make perfect rice, or to cook a frozen roast in just a few hours. They come in various sizes, depending on your needs and the size of your kitchen (or bedroom).

instant pot
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Cutting Surfaces:

boos block cutting board

Kitchen Utensils


The Shun Knives are probably my best investment. They are hand-made knives from Japan and come in many different styles and sizes. We have 5 shun knives in our kitchen, each for a different purpose. From pearing knives to meat vegetable knives, Shun has you covered.

shun knives

The best part is, when your Shun knives become dull after months of use, you can send them back to the Shun factory, and they’ll sharpen them for free!

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