We Tried Ben Affleck’s Go-To Dunkin’ Drink And Here’s The Lowdown On The DunKings Iced Coffee

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In the world of coffee, there are blends, and then there are star-studded blends. Enter the DunKings Iced Coffee, a beverage that combines the allure of Hollywood with the refreshing kick of caffeine. Inspired by none other than actor Ben Affleck, this drink has taken Dunkin’ Donuts by storm. Let’s dive into the story behind the DunKings Iced Coffee and explore what makes it a must-try for coffee aficionados.

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Add a little Java Burn to your DunKings Iced Coffee to boost your metabolism

The Super Bowl Ad That Started It All

During the 2024 Super Bowl, Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled an ad that featured Ben Affleck in an orange and pink tracksuit adorned with Dunkin’ logos. In the commercial, Affleck forms the ultimate boy band called the DunKings. The star-studded ad showcased everyone from his wife, Jennifer Lopez, to his closest pals, including an Oscar winner and arguably the greatest quarterback of all time1. But the fun didn’t stop there!

Where can I see the Ben Affleck DunKings Superbowl Ad?

You can see it right here, and on YouTube.

Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ ft Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe
DunKings 2024 Superbowl Ad

What Does the DunKings Iced Coffee Taste Like?

On February 12, 2024, Dunkin’ rolled out a DunKings menu nationwide, and at the heart of it lies Affleck’s own creation: the DunKings Iced Coffee. Wondering what this specialty drink tastes like? Let’s break it down:


  • Classic Iced Coffee: The base of the DunKings Iced Coffee.
  • Vanilla Notes: A hint of vanilla flavor.
  • Cream: To add richness.
  • Sweet Cold Foam: We all love sweet cold foam.
  • Cinnamon Sugar: The perfect garnish.

When PEOPLE tried the drink, they found it to be a blend of strong coffee and sweet flavors. Despite the many vanilla ingredients, it actually boasts a strong caramel taste—think of a Starbucks caramel Frappuccino but as an iced coffee.2

Availability and Affleck’s Go-To Order

The DunKings Iced Coffee officially rolled out on February 12, 2024 the day after Affleck’s Super Bowl ad aired. While it’s unclear how long the menu will be available, Dunkin’ assures us it will be “in stores nationwide for a limited time”. As for Affleck’s personal Dunkin’ order, he keeps it low-key: iced coffee, milk, and two sugars (sometimes with a dash of almond milk). After all, even a superstar like Affleck needs his caffeine fix.

Find the closest Dunkin’ Donuts to your location:


Free Iced Coffee at Dunkin with Promo Code

Sip on Dunkin’s Iced Coffee for Free

Grab a complimentary iced coffee at Dunkin by using the promo code DUNKINGS in their app. This sweet deal is valid only until February 13, 2024, so make sure to claim your refreshing drink before the offer ends. It’s a fantastic opportunity for coffee lovers to enjoy Dunkin’s delicious iced coffee on the house.


The DunKings Iced Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a testament to the power of celebrity endorsements and the joy of a well-crafted coffee blend. So next time you swing by Dunkin’, channel your inner DunKing and give this delightful concoction a try. Who knows—you might just feel like a Hollywood A-lister with every sip! ☕🌟

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Add a little Java Burn to your DunKings Iced Coffee to boost your metabolism
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