The Hunt for Discontinued Keurig Vue Pods: Where to Look in 2024

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Remember the buzz when Keurig and Dr. Pepper Snapple joined forces in a $21 billion merger? That was years after Coca-Cola invested $1.25 billion into Green Mountain’s single-serve coffee game. Fast forward to 2024, and we’ve seen the rise and fall of various Keurig models, including the discontinued Keurig Vue.

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Despite the controversies surrounding its environmental impact, the single-serve coffee market still thrives, with giants like Nestle, Kraft Foods, and others dominating the space. The Keurig machine has been both celebrated and criticized, but what about those legacy Keurig Vue units, and their short-lived Keurig Vue pods?

So, What Happened to Keurig Vue?

Keurig Vue was phased out back in 2014, replaced by Keurig 2.0 models. While Vue cups are nearly extinct and would be far past their expiration date by now, you can still find Keurig 2.0 machines on eBay. If you manage to snag one, you can use a custom insert filled with your ground coffee.

Comparing Vue and Current Models

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Vue systems utilized unique Vue pods, while newer models rely on K-Cups.
  • The Vue offered eight size, strength, and temperature settings, compared to the more limited options in most K-Cup models.
  • Vue cups were recyclable, addressing some environmental concerns.

Where to Find Vue Pods in 2024?

Good luck. Although Keurig’s website once offered them, that’s history. Bed Bath and Beyond? They’ve moved on. Amazon? They’ve got K-Cups galore but Vue cups are a no-show. The closest you’ll get is a K2V-Cup Single Serve Coffee Adapter from Walmart, allowing you to use K-Cups in Vue machines.

For the die-hard Vue fans, you might want to check out smaller vendors or eBay. Some sellers still list Vue cups, but buyer beware: they’re likely past their prime.

The Bottom Line

If you’re still clinging to your Keurig Vue in 2024, it might be time to consider updating your coffee game. Vue pods are hard to come by, and even if you find them, they’re past their best-by date. Your best bet? Start budgeting for a newer Keurig model. The Vue may have had its moment, but in the fast-paced world of single-serve coffee, it’s a relic of a bygone era.

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