How To Find Arts and Crafts Keywords

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Finding good Arts and Crafts Keywords doesn’t have to be frustrating. In this post, I’ll show you how to save precious time by writing blog posts people are guaranteed to see (and enjoy).

Craft Blogging 101: Choosing Arts and Crafts Keywords

You spent the weekend writing a killer blog post about the “31 Little Known Uses for Mod Podge.” You went with your gut, talking about things that you LOVE about Mod Podge. Topics you’re pretty sure people are gonna want to read about.

You wait, and wait, and wait. Three months in, your blog post isn’t getting any traffic. You’re left feeling defeated and frustrated. Trust me; I know the feeling because I’ve been there.

arts and crafts keywords
Arts & Crafts keywords (I want that mug so bad…)

Truth is, you’re not getting traffic due to a lack of keyword research. I don’t blame you because keyword research sucks.

According to a study by Orbit Media, the top 37% of bloggers getting the most traffic to their blogs always do keyword research.

Orbit Media Study 2
Blogging statistics regarding keyword research

Why is keyword research necessary?

Keyword research is vital because Google won’t show people your content unless you include keywords they’re actively searching for.

That’s where the horrendous process of “research” comes in. It takes HOURS and can be expensive. Common tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush cost $100’s of dollars per month. And unless you’re flush with cash, it’s not a viable option.

So, what is the secret?

I don’t do keyword research. Ever.

Yet my food blog, The Golden Lamb, is consistently taking the 1st spot on Google Search results. As of today, my food blog has 1.38 million impressions and 40,000 clicks. And this is all ORGANIC traffic.

No social.

No paid.


google search console
My food blog’s growth is shown on Google Search Console.

How did I do this? I’m not a magician. But my Aunt Jody did date David Copperfield, back in the 80s, so maybe that counts for something.

I’ve achieved this organic growth by doing three things:

  1. Writing good content
  2. Being consistent
  3. Using RankIQ

You don’t need to do keyword research because RankIQ does it FOR you.

What’s RankIQ?

RankIQ is a tool built specifically for bloggers. Within RankIQ, there’s a feature called the Keyword Library. The Keyword Library is loaded with hand-picked, low competition + high search volume keywords for Arts & Crafts.

In fact, RankIQ covers every major (and minor) blogging niche you can think of. This video does a great job of explaining exactly how RankIQ works.

Arts & Crafts Keywords

Here’s a complete list of the RankIQ Arts & Crafts niches. Each of these niches includes 1000’s of vetted keywords, guaranteed to rank on page 1 of Google.

  • Arts/Crafts: Balloons Arts/Crafts: Best Paint for
  • Arts/Crafts: Concrete
  • Arts/Crafts: Cricut
  • Arts/Crafts: Etsy
  • Arts/Crafts: For Kids
  • Arts/Crafts: Jewelry
  • Arts/Crafts: Journaling
  • Arts/Crafts: Machining
  • Arts/Crafts: Macrame
  • Arts/Crafts: Pastels
  • Arts/Crafts: Procreate
  • Arts/Crafts: Soap Making
  • Arts/Crafts: crochet
  • Arts/Crafts: embroidery
  • Arts/Crafts: how to
  • Arts/Crafts: knit
  • Arts/Crafts: mix
  • Arts/Crafts: paint
  • Arts/Crafts: quilt
  • Arts/Crafts: sew
  • Arts/Crafts: woodwork

For me, there’s a comfort in knowing that the time I spend crafting (pun intended), a blog post won’t be in vain.

People will see it.

Betty from Schenectady will be so happy to find your macrame blog that she’ll shout your name from her condo rooftop (much to the chagrin of her HOA).

Keyword research is complex, and it can be challenging to find the perfect keywords to use in your blog. For me, RankIQ has been a game-changer for my food blog, and I think it’ll be one for you too.

So get craft blogging!

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spring 2022 awards
awards top 1

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